Web Analytics

If you’re not measuring, you are guessing.

Are you making the continuous incremental improvements necessary for making your website more effective? When it’s done right, web analytics can be your most reliable source for the actionable insights you need.

 Business Intelligence

Having accurately timed data that is presented with imagination and placed in the proper context can be extremely helpful in making data driven decisions.

I can provide you with accurate and timely information management that will allow you to focus on making well informed decisions.



optmizationThe most successful businesses on the web are those that are continually improving their online presence over time in response to data telling them how people are interacting with their site.

I can help you identify and track the key performance indicators that are unique to your specific needs that will reveal opportunities for improving your performance online.


Data Mining

Correctly attributing the successes and failures of your marketing efforts is essential for managing effective campaigns.

I can unlock the wealth of data that will inform your most important customer touchpoints, enabling you to improve engagement and increase customer engagement.